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We swap camp fire stories,
Under cinderous cravings and affable addictions.
No flames to ignite,
Except the inflamed esophagus and clammy hands
Fingering and thumbing palmed paper.
We talk prescriptions and piss tests turned positive
Crossing paths in cartography by mapping our obsessions.
This adulterous group is a rite of passage
To new found recovery.
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The Gull of Milford
The gull strides with ineptitude,
Down to the lock and bay.
Scouring for fish with black beaded marbles,
Rotating like compasses lost at sea.
No grace for the gull as she lands lewdly
Amongst the Thomas’s eating ice cream;
Between the deckie lowering crab traps
Into the shallow, sea weeded harbour.
A cacophony of cries reign in from the sea,
Colonizing the shores with precocious mobility;
Plumage camouflaged with the ivory sky,
Harrowing the herring with screwdriver beaks
The gull isn’t a model of modesty
But she is firm-
No escape for the earth worm nor offal,
Air, water and land is where the gull patrols
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Revert to innocence by flightofthesnowgoose Revert to innocence :iconflightofthesnowgoose:flightofthesnowgoose 0 0
The Ritual
night out; brushing up against black fur
The dog leaves bloody footprints on
Race tracks numbered with thoughts
day after; hair of the dog
prescribing enlightening ideas inside
intoxicated verses  
later my sweat, buried in fibres
comforts poisonous skin with  
drops of absinthe still shining through the glass
:iconflightofthesnowgoose:flightofthesnowgoose 0 0
Misanthropology, you study?
These days yes.
My contempt for humankind
Has gathered, no less
But one conversation,
Humanized in a gallery,
Can transform my outlook,
On a promising humanity.
:iconflightofthesnowgoose:flightofthesnowgoose 0 0
Donate Blood
Nurse’s eyes slouch off her face,
Cushions puff out of her sockets.
“Name, Address and Birth date please?”
(ejecting a pen from her pocket)
Vials fill up like flooded wells,
While bags rise up like juice packs.
Friendship is a curious thing-
There is Nothing in Death that It lacks.
Ushered to the seat, I recline,
My arm becomes a punctured vessel.
A streamline straw of blood flows forth,
I lose nothing when I give up the wrestle.
Saints are not found on marble podiums
They sit in rooms modestly waiting
Supplying strangers with their vital substance
Something somebody's debating.  
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November stole my last gasp
Unearthed roots split in the decay under
A pitched black tent
No festivals, but
30 days of senile longing
Vacuous starlit gaze importing its silence
Into a socially constructed cave
I have made for myself
:iconflightofthesnowgoose:flightofthesnowgoose 1 0
Old Age
The earl grey hairline
Used tea leaves without aroma
Can we insatiate our lives with lust,
Before fallen into coma
:iconflightofthesnowgoose:flightofthesnowgoose 0 0
Wolf by flightofthesnowgoose Wolf :iconflightofthesnowgoose:flightofthesnowgoose 0 5
To my fellow insomniac with the night light on
To my fellow insomniac with the nightlight on,
Do you look out the window at this industrial complex a midst one tree
And pine for a time or a place to be free?
Do you think of the plains and the place where we would hunt?
Digging dour graves with an ancestral grunt
Do the prisoners in jail reflect on their deeds?
Or are they wound to tightly to instinctual needs?
Are the heart machines in hospital chiming in sync?
Does the incessant beeping send them to sleep?
Or maybe you fell asleep peacefully with the light still on
And I've been awake like this for too long.
:iconflightofthesnowgoose:flightofthesnowgoose 0 0
Roots by flightofthesnowgoose Roots :iconflightofthesnowgoose:flightofthesnowgoose 1 2 Sicilians Playing Card Game by flightofthesnowgoose Sicilians Playing Card Game :iconflightofthesnowgoose:flightofthesnowgoose 0 1
STRANGE FRUIT: A eulogy to Billie Holiday
I don’t think salt could damage these keys
Smoke in the eye,
No less a fumigation of burning flesh.
It will always play on-
The words and the notes are partners in crime
Chained together like ash and flame
A thick contemplation for the enslaved
Entwining the poplar tree with magnolia
Within one note;
Sliding in the southern breeze
A long drop of blood
That never hits the soil.
:iconflightofthesnowgoose:flightofthesnowgoose 0 0
Psychedelic Heart by flightofthesnowgoose Psychedelic Heart :iconflightofthesnowgoose:flightofthesnowgoose 0 0
Absence of Colour
Blinded by a veneer of saline,
That forbids my iris shades of praline.
Ochre spoils for what it’s worth,
Is being drained upon the Earth.  
But I spot no splash of violence,
Vetoed by a post-war silence.
Muted scale of spectrum spin
Yarn me morals so I can sin!
This faded backdrop of beached props
Turns my stomach into knots
And writes a script on hardened clay
So nothing but the speech marks stay
Give me colour! Steal me sounds!
Spray paint dirty, war-torn grounds.
How pointless now I do contend –
That colour is my only friend.
:iconflightofthesnowgoose:flightofthesnowgoose 3 2
Beethoven by flightofthesnowgoose Beethoven :iconflightofthesnowgoose:flightofthesnowgoose 3 2


gooey by markwerld gooey :iconmarkwerld:markwerld 6 2 Birth of a witch by Bernardumaine Birth of a witch :iconbernardumaine:Bernardumaine 135 64 nu by pnr-p
Mature content
nu :iconpnr-p:pnr-p 3 2
Psychedelic Psychology by HippiekinsDraws Psychedelic Psychology :iconhippiekinsdraws:HippiekinsDraws 169 41
I'm Fucking Cold
Dear Miss Shell,
I feel numb on the outside
Tis a bit cool
I thought I had a heater
Turns out I was a fool
Cause I'm freezing my ass off
In my cozy lil room
Cause the heater don't work
And the coldness seems to loom
My fingers look blue
*Looks at black light
Thats the purple shiny...
That's why it's so fucking bright!
Fuck man, but anyway
I miss you and love you
And I'm high and tired
And I hope you're having a good night too
Cause I am with my pen
And my Mountain Dew
And my little black light
And awesome thoughts of you!
I love you Miss Shell, Hope you liketh the poem. =)
:iconhippiekins:Hippiekins 1 4
Suspiria by DeusArtMachina Suspiria :icondeusartmachina:DeusArtMachina 100 23
The human race,
Knows not its place,
On earth's fine soil and sea.
It subjugates,
And it berates,
Other life, undoubtedly.
Culls the fauna,
Cuts the flora,
For greed and for control.
Needless slaughter,
Waste of water,
On earth it takes its toll.
Rainforests go,
Although they know,
This damages the earth.
Despite our noise,
Man still destroys,
What's left of any worth.
:iconnordicgoddessfreya:NordicGoddessFreya 1 0
Diverted Minds
Within the haystack
the needle lies forgotten
 cattle feed unaware.
:icon50ftbuddha:50ftBuddha 14 13
This Doesn't Mean Anything, I Swear!
A pot-bellied pig
Dragging us by our collars
He keeps us in check
:iconkomradapex:KomradApex 1 13
star shaming.
not that one, honey, it's dying.
:iconanothereal:anothereal 4 0
Recipe for Destruction
One cup of anxiety
Three tablespoons of greed
Two pints of regret
Six gallons of need
½ cup of thoughtfulness
¾ cup of means
Mix all together, with no care at hand.
Anything but chaos would make it taste bland.
Don’t cook this for more than what’s needed
That’s 375 degrees, make sure to preheat it.
This should take no more time than it takes you to eat it.
:icondaydreamedmemory:DaydreamedMemory 5 3
Dear, Dear Miyoko
Dear,Dear Miyoko...
Why hath not you come out?
I've been waiting for you to come out!
How long have been there in the bathroom?
I could hear fart noises in there...
I cometh to the door,
It was indeed locked..
I knocked... she giggles..
I thy wait,
She cometh out,
I looked at her beauty
Oh! my heart shone like the sun!
She smiles gracefully!
She walked by,
I clean the toilet for her
Dear, Dear Miyoko
:iconundeadhunter60:UndeadHunter60 3 4
Out-Foxed by blue-skyedillusions Out-Foxed :iconblue-skyedillusions:blue-skyedillusions 2 3 Beetlejuice by DeusArtMachina Beetlejuice :icondeusartmachina:DeusArtMachina 37 7 PISTORIOUS by showmeyourwarface PISTORIOUS :iconshowmeyourwarface:showmeyourwarface 2 0 Wolf II by MCorderroure Wolf II :iconmcorderroure:MCorderroure 1,106 912



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